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Best Ways to Inspire Your Musical Creativity

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Musical geniuses didn’t achieve greatness overnight. They have gone through a lot before they have reached greater heights. Back then, they were just ordinary people who have aspired to be someone in the music industry. The point is that if you are always inspired to extract the creative musical juices from your mind, you can also follow their footsteps. There are a few things that you can do to be a great musician.

1. Travel somewhere

It helps a lot if you keep traveling. You need to see places and explore the world. Some people create songs out of nature’s beauty. Others talk about other people that they see. You may also ride a plane and sit next to a person who has an interesting story to tell. There are a lot of things that you will discover as you go around the world. Therefore, you need to stop forcing yourself to write a song when you’re just not inspired with what you see.

2. Exercise daily

This might sound irrelevant, but exercising helps a lot. To begin with, everyone needs to stay healthy, whether you are a musician or not. Purchase the best folding exercise bike for your home so you won’t have to head to the gym! You can even listen to your favorite songs as you break a sweat. During exercise, your body secretes different hormones and some of them could actually help you come up with a unique idea. The best part about exercising is that you force yourself to push the limits. If you can do it with your body, you can also do the same with your brain to produce great music.

3. Listen to music

This is a no-brainer. You can always get inspiration from other artists. It doesn’t mean you have to copy their style. Perfection is all about copying the best ideas from others and making them better. This is exactly what you need to do. You have to bank on what is already out there and try to make it better or come up with your own unique spin to it. Every great artist out there has also been inspired by other legends in the industry.

Creativity is not something that is forced. You must be inspired so you can come up with creative ideas. Doing these things will help you achieve your musical goals.

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Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Singing Voice

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top-5-tips-to-improve-your-singing-voiceEveryone has the ability to sing. It’s just that some sing better than the others. It is not just about one’s vocal quality, but also one’s ability to hear the notes well and sing in tune. If you wish to improve your singing voice, it is still possible. You don’t even have to get a vocal lesson. You can practice even just at home.

1. Start with low notes

The problem with some aspiring singers is that they immediately desire to leap from the lowest notes to the highest notes. As a result, they end up straining their voice. They also fail to reach the high notes properly. You don’t have to force yourself to belt out. There are a lot of singers who don’t necessarily belt, but still sound good. You can just play with the notes to your advantage. You can also gradually go up if you feel more comfortable reaching higher notes.

2. Always vocalize

Just like in any sport, you start with stretching and warm up before playing the actual game. This helps condition the body. The same thing is true when it comes to singing. You don’t immediately sing, but you start by vocalizing. All professional singers do the same. It is extremely important to practice your vocal cords and allow it to relax first. You might sound crazy by vocalizing, but it is a must.

3. Record your voice

This is the best way for you to know if you have improved. You need to hear your own voice. This also helps practice your ability to listen to notes. Later on, you may also ask others to evaluate your voice and tell you if you have done a great job or not. You have to keep doing this until you have heard improvement.

4. Be careful with what you drink

Professional singers avoid cold beverages as much as possible. They destroy the vocal cords. You have to drink tap water or beverages in room temperature only. It also helps to take herbal drinks that are good for the voice. Be careful though not to take anything that you’re not certain of in terms of its effects.

5. Sleep well

This might sound irrelevant, but having enough sleep helps in improving your voice. Just like the rest of your body, the organs involved in producing quality sounds also need rest. You might have noticed it when you have partied hard a night before and you have to wake up early the next morning. Aside from feeling extremely tired, you also seem to have difficulty talking. You need to condition your body to sleep early and get enough sleep.

If you’re a struggling singer, it can be hard to splurge on a good quality mattress. Don’t fret! Get the best inflatable mattress your money can buy. That way, you’ll still be able to get a goodnight’s sleep as opposed to sleeping on an old ratty futon.

Being a great singer takes a lot. The singers you have come to love did not just become as good as they are overnight. They have practiced really hard to get to where they are now. Some of them might have been born with vocal prowess, but it is only through their determination, discipline and constant practice that they have reached greater heights.

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Tunes Of Catherine Howe’s Life

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Catherine Howe born on 17th May 1950 at England is a renowned singer cum English songwriter. She has won the Ivor Novello Award and is renowned for earning maximum critical acclamation in several magazines across the globe. She has been an undiscovered talent until 1960 when she first began her acting career. Catherine Howe obtained her skills for acting from the Corona Drama School at London. Her first performance was for a contemporary television drama Z-Cars. She continued performing in similar television series such as The Wednesday Play, Doctor Who and Dixon of Dock Green then went on to act in a movie titled Private Road.

musicmain1In the year 1970, Catherine Howe became associated with Andrew Cameron Miller and recorded her first album titled “What A Beautiful Place”. The recording took place at Trident Studios, London, during February 1971. Miller combined the musical journey of Catherine Howe with Bobby Scott. A pianist and a record producer from the land of United States, Bobby Scott had arranged the production for “What A Beautiful Place”. Catherine Howe soon became the lead vocal for many songs. Her second track Harry released during the year 1975 won the Ivor Novello Award. Catherine Howe has the reputation of being the second female singer for achieving the award.

Catherine Howe sang many songs for “That’s Life” show on BBC television. However, few of her albums were not received well hence Catherine Howe decided to take a break from her career. She decided to remodel herself and her thoughts. She started writing both country and western songs and also opted for a different make-over. She re-released few of her albums in a different tone. Catherine Howe then focused on solo recording again and it became a huge come back for her. Her special live performances are received well among the audience. She is also into several new recordings offering a unique touch.

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Catherine And Her Debut Album – An Album That Makes Waves Even Today

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Catherine Howe’s first album What a Beautiful Place was known for its coherent arrangements and expressive voice. The album had 10 songs featuring for 40 minutes. Catherine Howe has beautifully contended with the energetic array of strings, piano, timpani, bells and whistles all through the album. The album boomed with striking quality. Her voice reflected the quality of a young adult impressed by the buzz and beauty of the realm. She rendered an ageless quality to the album which offered an undue support during the re-release of the album. The album proves its mettle in terms of offering an artistic purpose.

fan1The florid production to the album through the songs like “My Child” brings about an authentic representation of the previous decade. The album is also known for its earthy confluence. The songs in the album offer an evocative quality of the cultural aspects. It also represents the beauty of different worlds. The album thus brings about a deep reflective quality. The live band in the title track brings about a beautiful musical confession. The bubbling piano in the songs stand distinguished and offer a quirky touch. Lyrical details to all the songs in the album add depth and remain extremely commendable.


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Catherine’s Eternal Musical Fervor

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Magical abilities of Catherine Howe’s voice have a deep root association with her nation’s culture. Distribution issues pertaining to her albums resulted in her withdrawal from the musical journey. Though she received her recognition from the radio and the television drama series, she always wanted to pursue a journey with music. After pairing up with renowned American producer Bobby Scott, the striking album “What A Beautiful Place” was extravagantly arranged to unleash her glistening voice. Due to the clashes between English and American producers, the copyrights of her album was under conflict. Catherine Howe then looked out for a good come back.

muIn order to enhance her profile, she was paired with David Soul, a great singer, and the era’s much-acclaimed star. Partnership with Mike Batt, a legendary producer did not again work out for Catherine Howe. Her fourth album Dragonfly Days with another producer began. But it again proved to be a completely bad time for her. Her album did not gather momentum. She reached the end of her emotions and laid a pause during 1980. She concentrated on her family. The year 2005 witnessed the colossal comeback of Catherine Howe with a complete transformation through her fifth album titled Princelet Street.

Catherine Howe then on continued to perform as a pop singer as well as a songwriter. To add on to the joy, her previous albums were released on CD’s that received maximum downloads. The re-release of her albums led to a spell of flawless reviews. Catherine Howe was soon recognized for her unsurpassed musical quality. She went on to mesmerize the audience with her songs. Her songs are renowned for the entrenched feelings. The essence of the song was brought out in her soulful voice. Catherine Howe never hooked on to one particular genre. Her creativity with music and its styles remains dynamic.

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A Talk With Catherine Howe And Vo Fletcher

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Vo Fletcher, an amazingly wonderful guitarist and Catherine Howe, an award-winning singer join together to offer some divine music straight to the stereo. This topic has spanned up some increasingly high interest among the music enthusiasts. With the spectacular two performing a duo, here are a few exciting captures from an interesting interview. Catherine Howe being an exceptional songwriter had a lot of songs on hand to record in spite of several laybacks. Her passion kept her strong. Her association with Vo Fletcher made an album possible in 2009 with only his guitar and her voice which made a surprising bang.

Catherine Howe’s songs communicate stories that are an inevitable part of people’s lives. Her songs bring out a personal connect. The song Mayfair Cot by Catherine Howe was an interesting inspiration from a photo. The song’s story features a girl sitting on a bed with a bunch of flowers in her hand. The song had a beautiful orchestration with a piano that brought out the innate emotions of a girl. Such songs were well received by the audience says, Catherine Howe. The song had brought in many affirming e-mails from the varied audience to motivate Catherine Howe for many such scintillating performances.

Vo Fletcher was Catherine Howe’s friend for the past 30 years. Inspired by Catherine Howe’s remarkable writing qualities, they had brought out many interesting songs and albums together. Vo Fletcher successful as a guitarist, performer and as an artist also possesses some writer’s qualities. His experience on guitar spans for more than 50 years and his musical works have enticed several audiences. The creative impulse between Vo Fletcher and Catherine Howe is just a perfect match for a musical symphony. The stories of Catherine Howe and the musical improvisations of Vo Fletcher is said to make a mark in the musical history again.

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Harry – A tuneful exploration

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The second album from Catherine Howe was Harry, that evolved from the process of ingenious creation. The orchestrations for the album were performed so meticulously that it made the album and its songs perfect. The harmony brought between the various musical instruments offers an astounding quality to the album. The verses for the song have been penned keeping in mind a complete life that brims with both the joys and the sorrows. The songs with the orchestration complement each other and are indeed beautiful to listen. The musical concepts aptly fit into the dynamic qualities of each and every song.

The album has a striking quality with songs fitting within the realms of the music and the vice versa does not happen anywhere. The words, the music and the voice of Catherine Howe all function as a scintillating harmony. The composition of the entire album speaks for itself. The best orchestral team with brilliant musicians on drums, guitar and bass add on to the distinctive quality of the album. The various reviews on the album from the critics turned out positive. The album lingers in the memory for times together owing to its exceptional musical touch and in-depth lyrical note.

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Interesting Intercepts From Catherine’s Interview With Ivor Novello

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A recent interview with the Ivor Novello award winner and renowned singer Catherine Howe features an interesting discussion about her musical journey. Catherine Howe speaks in detail about her childhood, passion for music, albums and much more. Being the youngest child, Catherine Howe had the joy of listening to elder sibling’s collection of songs. She loved to listen to some enchanting music. Her childhood was constantly accompanied by the songs of Buddy Holly and Fats Domino. The Beach Boys albums fascinated Catherine Howe and she collected every single album of theirs. The Four Seasons and The Crystals are still among her favorites.

Listening to The Look of Love by Burt Bacharach and Hal David in the year 1967 was the influential moment in Catherine Howe’s life. The songs from The Look of Love inspired Catherine Howe to pen her first album What a Beautiful Place. As a child, Catherine Howe grew up listening to Randy Newman, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Lennon, Dylan and McCartney. The Who, The Zombies and The Cream are her favorite British bands. Jazz singers like Billie Holiday and Lena Horne have enthused Catherine Howe. As an ardent music lover, Catherine Howe listened to folk, jazz and classical music.

Catherine Howe took her weekly training towards singing at the age of 12. She was enrolled with Rona Knight, a wonderful teacher from London. Catherine Howe had also learned a few lessons on piano. Apart from that, Catherine Howe loves to listen to all types of music especially the records of popular work. Catherine Howe had penned the lyrics for What a Beautiful Place as a teenager from Swanage, a little coastal town of England. The recording for the album was completed within a short span of four days. Her interests towards music grew along with the sun and the sea.

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